My name is Morn Tep. My hometown is in Prey Veng Province, very far from Siem Reap. In 2004, I moved here and studied at Bakong High School, about 15 km away. When I lived in the countryside, I had no goals at all because I looked after the cows and fished, but in Grade 7 my father wanted me to go work in the factory and I realized I wanted to finish Grade 12 first. I graduated in 2008 and then I worked as a waiter in a hotel. I took time to study English and I heard about the JWOC Scholarship through a classmate.

I was surprised and I didn’t believe that we had an NGO to help us by sponsoring 4 years of study at University. I took an application and completed a few questions every day until the deadline. I got an interview and I still remember that they asked me what I would do if I graduated from University. I said I would share my knowledge to society by teaching English, sharing about hygiene or other knowledge that can be beneficial. I passed, I didn’t believe it. I was delighted and very happy when I got the news. I called my parents and they were very happy too.

I resigned from the hotel, but continued to work as an English Teacher. I also volunteered at JWOC on the Free Classes Program. During that time I was trained a lot by the Program Manager on the methods of teaching, how to help students be active, many trainings that built my capacity in teaching and made me more confident, fruitful and productive.

I also joined many workshops about writing CVs and Cover Letters and First Aid. In 2017, I became a Social and Education Manager at Bayon Pastry School. Now I am the Career and Alumni Development Coordinator at EGBOK, which is an international NGO that has a social enterprise named SPOONS in Siem Reap. I organize internships for our trainees, help them with challenges, and finding jobs. I have been working at NGOs for 5-6 years, and I can help my family by building them a proper house and motorbike, and I can also help myself.

I never expected that I would become more knowledgeable or graduate from University. I thought I would finish high school and then get a job, but after I got the Scholarship from JWOC I realized I could help my society.

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