When I was at year 4 and5, I was lucky to get the scholarship from JWOC in order to continuing my education. I was very lucky and happy at that time. I am now graduating in August and I am going to find a job as a teacher in Luangprabang first. If I could not get a job here, I will return my hometown and work there. This is one of the problems I am thinking and deciding in order to get a good job.

As parts of my volunteer works at JWOC throughout two years, I could learn many new things as well. I could learn a lot about working, teaching and learning styles. It’s worth and valuable for me. I gained lots of new experiences from JWOC. Yes, I was lucky to have such a great opportunity to learn and develop myself. My learning-teaching improve as well as thinking because of JWOC. I compared everything in the old days and now. Everything changed. 

Furthermore, my English also improved while I was volunteering at JWOC. I could meet and make new friends as well. JWOC supported me with great assistances especially the financial aids. From that time, JWOC is there for me throughout two years. Of course, JWOC is not only help me with financial aids, but also trained, taught me many new things that I never study before. I will never forget these things. Everything I got from JWOC is very useful and valuable for me. 

Yes, I love my volunteer work very much even I had a tough time or work to do, but I never give up until the present time.  I led the students to play games and we did arts and crafts differently each week. I also taught them Basic English as well. Of course, students like it very much. They are very motivated about learning. They are also curious to learn new things. I also went to the Big Brother Mouse organisation to study and develop myself . It’s good place to practice English face to face with English native speakers. 

This weekend we are celebrating all of the JWOC scholarship students’ successes. I could have a great time and enjoy my last time meeting with everyone at JWOC. I am also sad to leave JWOC as well. I wish to express my true feeling to JWOC, sponsor and Lao Managing Director as well.

 I would like to express my thanks, gratitude to JWOC that offered me a great opportunity, assistance and suggestions to me. I am very impressed about that.

I also would like to extend my sincere thanks, gratitude, and appreciation to my sponsors, Todd and Shiela for financial aids, suggestions, encouragement, support and sharing ideas and experiences in the email with me.I am deeply indebted to Nicole, the Lao Managing Director, who is supported, trained, taught me a lot of new things and great suggestions. I wish to express my thanks, gratitude to her that always encourage, motivate, and advise me throughout the time.

I think I would not be successful and graduate my education without your help mentioned above. I also hope I could not find these people anywhere else besides JWOC. I am very very happy!!! I am the one who is Lucky! I will never forget your generosity. 

If you would like to change a life and sponsor a student, please take a look here to find out more. 

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