This month we are asking for your help with something a little less glamorous, but truly instrumental in keeping JWOC running. Like every other non-profit we don’t really look forward to fundraising for our General Fund, it just doesn’t have the excitement and appeal of our wonderful projects, but without the General Fund our projects can’t happen.
It is thanks to our support team and our wonderfully run office that we are able to create so much change and empower so many people!
Our Office Manager, Vantha, is a wonderful example of what is provided by the General Fund. On any given day he works across all the projects providing invaluable assistance. Below we’ve highlighted some of the things Vantha does to help us keep solving problems!

Vantha is one of our trained first aiders, an important role in the school. This usually means cleaning up grazed knees and applying band-aids but Vantha is also ready to help should a more serious accident take place.
Vantha does the bookkeeping for JWOC meaning we can keep accurate records of how donations are spent.

Vantha’s language skills mean he is able to provide accurate translation of document or during meetings and discussions, facilitating work in all of the project.

Vantha is always on hand to answer questions from potential new students. Here he is giving the class timetable information to a trio of eager youngsters.
Vantha and the maintenance team of Sokha, Rith and Sak make sure the school, office and grounds are kept in great condition giving everyone a clean and pleasant environment to work and study in.

Vantha works successfully to promote JWOC projects. Here he is at Bakong High School Careers Day informing students about the Scholarship Programme

Please help us support Vantha and the rest of our administration expenses through our General Fund, allowing us to keep running our projects at the high quality supporters and beneficiaries deserve!

To be a funding star set up a monthly gift of $20 towards our General Fund here. Or if you prefer, donate online or send us a check. Whichever method you choose you’ll be helping our projects continue to be great and make a difference.
And remember if you would like to send a donation to JWOC as a gift for someone and have them receive an e-card just click on the Crowdrise button on this page

Thank you to everyone who has already donated! 

Bremner, Mary * Colson, Christopher and Emily * Esparza, Erin * Goodman, Cynthia, Larry and Drew * Kane, Yukari * Nelson, Ann and David * Otto, Kristan * Paine, Alix * Tatom, Denise * 

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