Hello, I am Makara Put one of JWOC’s scholarship graduates. I finished my bachelors degree in Business Management in 2011 and currently I am working at Journeys Within Boutique Hotel.
After I graduated, I always thought about ways I could give back to JWOC. I realize that they provided me with education, and everybody knows that knowledge is important. One way I thought I could give back to JWOC was to hold a workshop for the current scholarship students.  I arranged with JWOC to run a workshop about speaking skills in March. Here are my thoughts on how it went.

It was my first workshop and 24 students attended, I was happy and excited to see more students than I had expected. My first experience was definitely shaping up to be a fun experience. When the workshop started I was nervous because the students just looked at me with blank expressions, but I felt better after I had finished my introduction.

During the workshop everybody was very active and we enjoyed sharing ideas and experiences together. The best part was after the group discussion, everybody listened to the group representatives give a talk about their ideas. They had some really great things to say and everybody learned a lot from this part of the workshop.
Overall, the workshop ran smoothly and I was proud of it. After the workshop had finished they all gave me some good suggestions about what I should add in for next time. And I saw all of them say the workshop has really helped them to understand more about how to communicate in social situations. I will listen to their feedback and improve the delivery of my workshop for next time!

I think it is really good if former scholarship students share their experiences with current scholarship students. We have JWOC to help us now, but it would be ideal if we all could help each other to develop our communities and build a strong network of human resources.
Again a big thank you to the JWOC team for letting me share my experiences.

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