1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I am Chamnan, and I have been working for JWOC almost 7 months as an Administration and Finance Officer.

2. Why did you want to work for JWOC?

Before starting to work here I also worked in a local NGO. I thought that for an accountant it’s all the same work everywhere, but before I never worked in so many different areas. At JWOC we provide training to the students, I think this is a bit different from my previous workplace. I can involve with the youth and also the other student, so I think there is something new for me here.

3. What do you do in a normal working day?

Well, I work as the Administration and Finance Officer so, to be honest for administration work is new for me! Mostly I have worked as accountant. So here I have another variety work for me. My daily work is to keep a recording for all expenses into system, prepare payroll, monthly tax declaration report, paid NSS, prepare payment for all supplier And for admin work, I support to our caretakers, do the market research for office supplies, find the quotation for inventory/supplies requesting from the program team, check office utility, report the broken things and finding place for fixing and maintenance, Actually we have so many things to do. For the next few months, I want to finish the yearly report for the Ministry, and our inventory record, but it’s such a long process for this one so it will take time.

4. What else have you done at JWOC?

I did some training for the financial literacy. Actually I don’t like teaching, but as you know, at JWOC all the staff help one another, so I try my best to help too. For the first time I didn’t feel confident, so I still work on it and I hope I can improve a little and share what I know to the students.

5. What do you like to do outside of JWOC?

Out of JWOC, mostly I spent my time with my family especially with my 2 lovely nephews to play with them when they come to visit, and sometime, I help my sister to take care of her shop because she’s not in Siem Reap. Beside this when I have more time and long holiday, I’d like to have trip with friends because I like a lot of traveling to a new place.

6. What have you enjoyed so far?

The first is team work. I really appreciate the staff here they are such a responsible person; they like to share and suggestion a new idea whenever we have a meeting. And when we have problem, we bring it to the meeting to find the solution together.

The staff are friendly and helpful, and they know what they are doing. I can see that; they are enjoy working here and they feel that JWOC same as their family and home already!

The other thing I liked was the fundraising. It was the first time that I can do it, and I can see that I am not so bad at asking someone to support us. So, I would like to say thanks again for my friends and the supporters that helped me to do this.

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