We spoke to Dara, our Computer Instructor, about his reflection on what he has been working on at JWOC so far …

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I’m Dara. I’m doing a bachelor’s degree in ICT at the University of South East Asia (USEA). Originally, I’m from Banteay Meanchey province and now live in Siem Reap for study and work. My first job was as a waiter in a restaurant and then I went to join in building a website team for a short time.

Why did you want to work for JWOC?

As I saw the opportunity at JWOC which is related to my skill at university also and I want to move from a private company to NGO. Another thing I want to share is my knowledge as a computer teacher.

How has your experience working for JWOC been so far?

I have been working at JWOC for 4 months. I love this kind of working environment here. I mostly work in the computer lab. The co-worker is friendly and always sharing or training some topics for the team. Here is more about teamwork than I used to know.

What are the types of things you do on a daily basis?

The main responsibilities are teaching and taking care of or fixing the problem of electronic equipment. Mostly I teach 2 hours per day and the rest I create a lesson plan, check student performance, check all lab equipment, and more tasks from my managers Mr. Kea and Ms. Konthea.

Can you give us an update on the learning online process?

Regarding the online class process, firstly I make the topic in an online class schedule and then start to follow the schedule by creating video lessons and questions to assess students. After posting videos on the Facebook group during that time, I sometimes have questions from students related to lessons or out of the lessons. At the deadline of submitting homework from students, I check and track attendance. By the way, I also gave them the performance follow 5C checklist to improve them on learning. For student performance, I update with the manager or coordinator every 2nd of the month.

What has been exciting and/or challenging?

I am really excited about my tasks as a teacher even though I never did it before. JWOC has provided training and shared techniques to me. Personally, I have never had such good sharing before. The challenge I have is teaching online. It is hard to provide a real practice of learning to students.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at JWOC?

When not at JWOC I sometimes make plans to study with friends to explore more knowledge about Networking and Programming or Coding. Sometimes I go to visit my family in my hometown Banteay Meanchey Province 100KM far. Also, I like to watch movies and play online games for entertainment.

What advice do you have for other youth?

Be humble. In the current environment, it is popular to be haughty or arrogant. Such attitudes tend to prevent an individual from developing healthy relationships. Being humble allows you to be open to learning from elders and making adjustments to become a better person.

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