Every month our scholarship students write to their sponsors to update them on what they have been doing in their studying, jobs, family and volunteering. For the students’ sponsors it is a lovely way for them to learn more about their student’s life and country.
In this post we share some excerpts from their emails so you can also learn more about our Scholarship Programme and the students we support.

Bouakham- “In my English class, I always use games which I have learnt from JWOC in my teaching. Students love them very much because it helps them to relax and not stress when they are learning English. Therefore, it helps them to learn English well especially English vocabulary. Using my new skills I have opened a small English class and taught English for free for students.”

Mengty-   “Last month after I finished my final exam at university, I went to my homeland with my friends to meet my family. I was feelings very happy when I met them, because I didn’t meet them many months ago. They asked me a lot about my living in Siem Reap and my studying at here also, especially my mother. She always told me that “you must study hard to get a bright future”, and motivated me to put effort to studying.”

Bopha-“My most joyful time this month is working at Art Class. The children are great. They are likely coming to JWOC by themselves. That says that they really like Art Class activities and understand about its benefits. They dare express their ideas and their feeling to others. They learn to do things by themselves with less help. And the most important point I would like to share, they are more aware of their responsibilities on the environment. I am very appreciated of them. “

Savin- “JWOC have good workshop a lot. Yesterday I joined one-it is so good. I wish you good luck, good health, good happiness and get successful in your work. Sending love from Cambodia!”

Srey Ney – “This week I went to the old village for check the filter that we take to them a few months ago and asked them about the result before and after they used the filter. The answer from them is the good result because before they never understand about the important clean water and they always sick in their family because they never care about the hygiene and how they use the water. But after we went to the village and teach them about the hygiene and how to use and importance of the filter. Now they get the knowledge more than before about hygiene and activity they do every day. I’m so happy when I hear like this.”

If you would like to sponsor a student you can donate online or by check, marking your donation ‘scholarship’. We ask you make a 4 year commitment to your student. If you are able to send sponsorship for the full four years that is wonderful, but don’t worry if not, you can donate for each year individually ( $500). Please make your donation before 31st August to make sure we can match you with a student for this coming academic year.
I look forward to welcoming you as a new sponsor and introducing you to your student in September! 

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